// Who

Change your life, not just your home.

At WalkerBuild, we dedicate our time to building better lifestyles, not just better homes. Our mission is to create a home that will perform for you in every aspect and stand up to the rigours of everyday life.

Having been on this mission for close to 10 years now, we know there’s no better feeling than surrounding yourself in the comfort and beauty of materials like timber, brick and stone, and no better way to live than in a home that’s a custom fit, ideally suited to your lifestyle.

// What

What do we do? Well, that’s entirely
up to you.

Whether you’re looking for someone to design and build your new home or someone to add to or renovate what you’ve got, we offer a complete service.

With an in-house architect, a team of qualified tradespeople on staff and our go-to suppliers, there’s no need for you to engage any additional trades. We take care of the lot.

// How

Our approach to building is shaped by our passion for good design and proven methods of craftsmanship.

To us, good design means making the most of every room and every space, maximising the opportunities provided by your home’s natural setting, thinking about what your future needs might be, and building (or transforming) your home in such a way that it truly levels up to the standard of living you’ve got in mind.

When it comes to the build, it’s all about craftsmanship and sustainability. Our reputation is staked on how well our work holds up over time. So, while we’re all for advances in building materials and methods – and for greater efficiency and affordability – we make sure our work always remains grounded in old-school quality.

By working in this way, as designer-builders, we’re building functional, stylish, adaptable homes that stand the test of time and reflect the values of those who live in them.

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